Stepanka Facerova

MA Fine Art

I am interested in exploring what is seemingly uninteresting, overlooked or forgotten. This includes questioning our social habits.

Recently, I focused on the deconstruction of a traditional painting and creating a collec6on of artworks revealing the hidden, unseen side of canvas painting. To me, paintings are objects made of different materials and it is a shame to only see the surface that may or may not represent something. The painting itself is only a small part of the story, there are often marks or other paintings on the back of the canvas. I question the decision about what I am not welcome to see and why. Since then I have been trying to find a way of showing the traditionally wall-based art form from all possible sides and angles,
blurring the hierarchy of which part is more important and thus on display.

I graduated in 2020 with a (First Class) BA (Hons) Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art, ARU, and am currently studying on their MA Fine Art. I received the Sustainability Art Prize 2020 and took part in numerous group exhibitions. My work can be found in a number of private collections.

ART?, 2022 is a kind of a portable gallery, my own solo show that includes works that helped me to find answers to some questions. Questions that I have been tackling within the past five years spent mostly by studying contemporary art. I certainly do not have all of the answers but I learnt that creativity and working with artists is an area where questioning and finding answers are encouraged. I especially appreciate the freedom of getting it wrong and being able to learn from it. Imperfection is not a failure. It is a new, different way of seeing and understanding. Just like everything else around us, the individual pieces in this installation are closely linked. I am happy to share what connections I made but I am more interested in finding what others will see in these back-to-front dressed canvas stretchers assembled together mimicking a wall. Having a blank wall that we want to forget about is where it all really started - as Georges Perec says: “There are
pictures because there are walls.”

This mixed media installation is here because it was a pleasure to make and it is a pleasure to show others. That’s what art means to me.