Matthew Wood

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Hi! I’m Matt, an illustrator based in Cambridge.

I have a fascination with bringing pre-existing narratives to life, adding my own twists. I enjoy using theatrical compositions, derived from an interest in cinema and sequential art while exploring colour themes and relationships.

I’m an excessive sketchbook drawer with a passion for drawing figures and understanding the human form, working with dynamic poses and expressions to add drama to my work. I also like to work conceptually, summarising a whole text as one image.

The illustrations are all created traditionally, generally using first-hand photos or observational drawings, either in a sketchbook or on large sheets of cartridge paper. The work tends to explore texture and mark-making, predominantly through the use of coloured pencils, crayons and graphite. With a unique visual language, the work can be used across multiple areas of illustrations such as publishing, editorial and packaging.

Feel free to get in touch!