Eline Veening

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I’m a Dutch illustrator based in Cambridge who enjoys drawing in cafés and gardens with friends. I use illustration to communicate my feelings, which are sometimes hard to put into words. This translated into a zine about victim-blaming. The zine focuses more on the atmosphere and the difficult feelings rather than the technicalities.

My experiences, hobbies and surroundings are key features of my work. For example, I am part of a Taekwondo group for whom I have made illustrations explaining the movements of Chon-ji Hyun.

The pond project is based on many observational drawings I’ve done in the botanical gardens of Cambridge.

The chocolate wrapper design is another one that is very much based on my surroundings and my experience of cycling by the river Cam almost every day. Also, Japanese design was a big influence in making this pattern.

The editorial illustrations are mostly focussed on a woman’s perspective on her health and mental wellbeing.