Amelia King

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

I’m Amelia King, a UK-based illustrator and animator with a focus on character design and world building. I work primarily with concept art and 2D animation, showcased in my most recent project “Aimless” where I animated dynamic movements and combat between man and monster. I look forward to creating more ambitious projects and bring life to more stories and characters on screen.

My innate appreciation of folklore and history has led me to be immersed with the storytelling and interactive elements of tabletop roleplaying games and single-player open world video games, and much of my inspiration comes from the aesthetic and context of medieval, gothic and historical fantasy themes often found within the ‘Soulsborne’ game genre.

With an endless array of character design ideas, I wish to pursue a career involving concept art and character design within the gaming or animation industry – or in illustration, such as the Dungeons & Dragons books; the same ones that pulled me into the world of art.

Aimless’ is an animated short that focuses on a half-elven hunter who arrives in the small town of Šabac at night. After recalling the words of a passer-by during his travels, he learns of a vile monster that brought havoc to the town and took refuge within the town’s Sanctuary. Arriving in the Sanctuary, the hunter faces a life-threatening battle with a ferocious creature - but this encounter might be more than what he bargained for.

This is a story of survival and overcoming struggles alone. ‘Aimless’ adapts a small event in the backstory of my character in an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons game, with the creature being pulled from Slavic Folklore to pay homage to the unique creatures and monsters in the media that I grew up with.

During my degree, I have worked as a freelance illustrator, often being commissioned to draw and design characters. I hope to one day work in the character design and concept art field where I could gain more experience in both 2D and 3D concept design.