Ben Sparkes

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

My work has creative and bold ideas that I see as original and inventive new approaches.

I’m trying to communicate that it's okay to step outside the box so that new ideas arise. To explore and try different variations of design can be a positive experience whilst using a creative mind set to enhance my future ideas and designs.

I was privileged to work for a design agency called Creightive. I was part of the team for 3 months. Alongside working with my colleagues and clients, it opened the window to opportunities whilst giving me the knowledge to see how a design agency works. It’s influenced my work ethic because I now see how important first impressions are, and to focus on meeting short deadlines.

My goals are to be a part of a design agency and eventually own one. I want to influence businesses and brands, promote their companies to a higher standard whilst exploring and providing my individual techniques and designs to enhance them.

Some of my biggest achievements I’ve participated in would be working at Creightive. Also working on a case study with a famous poster designer called PosterLad, this was a great experience for me.

The music app is a new concept for listing and buying vinyls. The app uses new technology to engage the user in the experiences whilst merging both the physical and digital platforms of music together.

The app features many features, one of which is being able to scan in a vinyl record for it then to be uploaded to the user's library for digital use, enabling them to find out more information about what they are actually listening to.

The app’s two main focuses are user interaction and merging the two platforms together seamlessly, whilst not obstructing either platform to perform their core jobs but rather enhancing and getting the most out of them, which results in a better and fuller experience for the user. The app also uses modern/futuristic technology like VR and NFT to really sell it as a new experience rather than a simple and repeating music app.

The app design is simple with the core elements staying the same but each page feeling new and fresh.

The music app - bringing music together.