Laura Medeiros

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My name is Laura Medeiros, 23, from Portugal.

I came to the UK to study fine art, having previously studied fashion design for three years in Portugal. I learned a lot from this, but I realized that it wasn’t the way I wanted to express myself. I wanted to paint, explore my emotions, tell stories, and create my own fantasy world through a fine art practice.

I create detailed and cluttered artworks often inspired by emotions, relationships, magic, surrealism, fantasy, dreams, and fairytales.

During the three years of studying, I have been working with acrylic paint, oil paint, mixed media, and installation.

It is important to me that my artwork has meaning through symbolism, I hide messages in the different elements, and I tend to represent what I feel using these concepts, to create dreamlike scenarios. I would describe my art as a blue and purple world where sadness looks beautiful. My work has a recurring fictitious character called, “Purple Girl”, she is a representation of me, surrounded by my emotions. When I look at her, represented in a piece, it is as if I have captured the memory of that specific feeling, forever.

I can’t wait to see where my journey as an artist will take me and where my imaginary world will go next.