Lewis Dunnill

Film - BA (Hons)

Kevin Smith once described himself as a “capital W Writer/director”, and that’s how I’d like to introduce myself. I was interested in animation and storytelling long before I found film, spending my youth writing fanfiction that later became entire show ideas with seasons and lore and arcs, and then in 2014 I saw a little film called Guardians of the Galaxy that changed everything.

I’m interested in filmmaking as self-expression. In the same way I’ve been able to feel seen and expressed through the works I love, I hope to provide that to people through my work. I’m interested in outcasts and flawed people trying to do the best with what they have, or stories in which concepts are expressed through characters.  To me the greatest joy is hearing that someone personally connects with something I’ve made, whether that be a script or a short film. For example, being able to write a script that’s a metaphor for my experiences with autism and having someone not only relate to that piece, but also be able to apply that to their own life.

I write to tell a story, and I direct to express that story visually.

The scripts include 2 adaptations (Neighbours and Superman: A Better Tomorrow) and two original screenplays (The Dangling Conversation and I’ll Be Seeing You). Superman: A Better Tomorrow is a short character study of Clark Kent/Superman, inspired by my experiences of being autistic. Neighbours is an adaptation of Raymond Carver’s short story, that comments on class and consumerism. The Dangling Conversation is a drama film told in split screen about two lovers in lockdown, which laid the groundwork for I’ll Be Seeing You.

The short films include fiction films I’ll Be Seeing You and The Last Laugh, a music video and non-fiction films The Boat Dream and BILLY 09/02/20. The Last Laugh is an absurd comedy short filmed as part of a filming exercise. The Boat Dream and BILLY 09/02/20 are nonfiction character pieces, in which visuals are crafted around a story told by my friends. I’ll Be Seeing You is an experimental romantic narrative film, in which the lives of two characters are told in split screen. I wrote and directed the “Tom” Side of the film.

Also included is a presentation and abstract of my Major Project, a dissertation on the ideology of the Captain America franchise.