Kaan M. Satiroglu 

Film - BA (Hons)

I was born in Philadelphia, United States on February 28th 2001, but I spent the majority of my life in Ankara, Turkey, and Tirana, Albania. My full name is Kaan Mert Satiroglu but I just go by Kaan or KS.

I was raised by my lovely Mother and Father (Professor) who are both doctors, and I have a brother who is 11 years older than me, he means more to me than anything in this universe. And then I have the family that I chose, my 7 other brothers and 2 sisters, they are my best friends, they are family. My family let me pursue Film, music, bodybuilding and encouraged me to keep pursuing them, so I don’t have a sob story or a story of triumph against all odds. Only thing I think that is special about me is something that I taught myself; I work extremely hard on my passions even if the work to get to my passion is grueling, I will work through injury, through heartbreak if it means I get to pursue my passions in life.

Ilearnt English largely from YouTube and movies in order to understand what my favorite movies sounded like in reality, I picked up bodybuilding to create discipline, I make music and films because I feel called to them.

My work is about me learning what to and what not to do in the genre of films I’ve chosen to make, they are largely experiments that have a narrative to me. They aren’t the typical experimental film because they don’t explore one thing for several minutes. My films are bite sized versions of long cinematic movie ideas to experiment with them.

I explore and experiment with narrative stories, cinematography, colors, lighting, writing, acting, editing all at the same time, because I think mastering all of them is what it takes to really become a director, what it takes to really find your own voice in film. I gained weight for my film No Hope No Glory (Satiroglu, Stevens, 2022) to experiment with that side of acting, keeping in mind these movies were originally university projects for grades, but I always needed them to feel and be as authentic as possible. The Mac Callahan movies are what I really love making, and I think they are fit to be both episodic (8 episodes or less per season) tv series, or film series (3 hours a piece).

I take my storytelling inspiration from video games where the audience gets to bond with characters for 8 hours or longer, which builds lifelike feelings. I want to apply that to movies in the future.