Ianick d’Oliveira Fernandes

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

If my images can tell a story, and if that story is meaningful, I’m happy.

Spending time with films and film books is important to me. Learning, the respect for the art form and the artists that came before me- these are ways to humble myself, facing a world bigger than anyone. I have previous experience with photojournalism, which provided me the interest and skills to document real stories. The French director Agnes Varda is one of my heroes for this reason.

To me, a story is the best way to appreciate life, illustrate it and say: ‘This is us, living’. Aesthetically, I’m into natural light and looking for different ways to work with colours, framing and composition. I focused my film work in Cinematography and I intend to follow this path. Growing up with five sisters made me also develop a passion for the female hero.

For this reason I’m inspired by some early movies from the American director Quentin Tarantino, such as Kill Bill and Death Proof. I made many short films during the three years of my course, focused on different genres, such as mystery and science fiction. My main goal is to create feature films that can offer the audience interesting concepts and ideas, challenge the status quo, support diversity and explore creativity and imagination.

Jemporium Vintage - Autumn and Winter Collection

One of my graduation films was a commission project. Working with a second-hand clothing store, it was easy to understand that they wanted to send a message about sustainability. The garments they sell are unique so they also wanted to convey a message about individuality. I managed to create a creative brief with some ideas: using a forest as a location for one part of the film, where the model is in close contact with nature.

I decided to work with someone that I knew that had a lot of confidence and boldness in front of the camera, making easy to send a message about individuality and self-confidence. We also agreed that the film should be focused on the model, the environment and her attitude in the fashion film. We decided to make the most of the “gender-neutral” modern concept and advertise the male clothing with just a female model.

In conclusion, the client was very comprehensive and approachable, which allowed me to explore creative possibilities for this project. The reverse shots were an example of that. We wanted to send a message of going back to the past, while living in the present, with individuality but also responsibility. It was something very interesting to explore. I also feel that the feedback sessions were crucial to improve my work and I am more than happy with the results.