Daniel Miller

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

My fascination with film began with Jaws (1975). Since then I have been captivated by the dramatic power of film and television.

My work is defined by a need for escapism, nostalgia of a time unlived, and places yet to be visited. The key themes of my work are: 1970s/80s nostalgia, loneliness, depression, the paranormal, mortality, and understanding relationships. My artistic and creative influences are from silent era films such as Nosferatu (1922) and The Lost World (1925), Godzilla films and 1970/80s American television. Writers that influence my storytelling are Wes Anderson, Stephen King, Robert Bloch and Peter Benchley. Directors that impress me are Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Individuals who I continue to learn from are Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul (Starsky & Hutch, 1975 - 79).

My experiences at university have lead me to the following areas of interest: screenwriting/scriptwriting, film editing, Foley design, and the use of interactive media (Eko) to expand the narrative. I have delivered voice acting and contribute acrylic art to G-Fest (inspired by my love of Japanese Kaiju films).

I intend to pursue a career in editing alongside producing audio stories, Books-to-Films podcasts, and writing scripts and treatments.

My current work includes editing for the short documentary Life On Cam (documenting people who live on boats), writing short treatments, sketching an animatic, and preparing episode 2 of my podcast Books To Films, focusing on Jaws.

Through my editing work I have found my ability to mould a story out of B-Roll and sound, and construct both linear and non-linear narratives whilst producing a visually informative experience.

The style of my podcast delivery is formal and professional. The content is intense, informative and detailed; my target audience is those who are really engaged in the process of adapting books for film and exploring screenplays.

I hope to relax more as I progress and begin to know myself better as a presenter and auteur. My Books To Films podcasts allows me the freedom and creative outlet to illustrate (pencil, pen and ink with photoshop) and compose music (Logic Pro X) in a pastiche-style.

Creating animatics is a process which helps me to focus an idea before writing a treatment or script outline. With regards to filmmaking, I enjoy describing emotion through cinematography.

I look for backgrounds with strong colours and detail to provoke an emotional response and immerse the viewer.