Jonathan Knoll

Film and Media Studies - BA (Hons)

Hello there, I’m Jonathan Knoll, a BA (Hons) Film and Media student. I have just completed the last year of my degree, and this is a selection of the practical work I’ve completed during my three years at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Throughout my degree I have used the opportunities to expand my creative abilities by choosing a range of practical modules on the degree, which had many creative pathways. Exploring these new creative options has given me more confidence in my artistic capabilities, especially within a digital format. Prior to starting university, I was drawing art pieces inspired by comic book images as a hobby. Many of these drawings were typically created and coloured with pencils, while others would be constructed digitally on my iPad with WeTransfer’s Paper app.

The projects on display are my interpretations of the original assignment briefs. However, I found many of the modules to be thoroughly engaging and therefore my plans were constantly evolving. For the work I did in Digital Publishing along with the Digital Media Practice and Creative Computing module, seen here, I was able to utilise my drawing hobby to assist me with the final assignment for each module. These assignments were achieved in the form of a hand drawn animation, which was edited together with the help of Photoshop and Premier Pro, and an Instagram account of a fictional person.

Due to enjoying working with different Adobe programmes, when it came to building a presentational piece for my major project, I used the adobe skills I had accumulated throughout my degree. Using Paper and Photoshop I was able to build a cassette booklet, poster, CD cover and slipcase to accompany my dissertation, which is focused on the use of music within visual media. The Dissertation Album is a playlist of music that I referenced and discussed in the main essay, available as a Spotify playlist, accessible with working QR codes.