Yasmin Maisie Connor

Fashion Design - BA (Hons)

I am an aspiring designer who looks to specialise in styling or textile design work, I have an open mind and have enjoyed exploring many distinct aspects of the fashion industry through studying on this course. Another interest this course has developed is my love for digital design work.

I would say through my work I have found a love and confidence in my creative style, in both design and styling. Finding my own route in design taking great care in making sure every detail within my work tells the stories I wish to tell, stories from either artwork or literature or most importantly my own life seeing how others relate to the stories or simply connect with them with appreciation of such intricate handmade details. With this collection for me it created a vessel for expressing my grief from the loss of a loved one and thankfulness to my support system who helped me to heal; Hence the name for this collection, ‘Healing’.

Graduate Collection

Title: Healing

“Attract our fascination with moments in human development we sometimes pushed from our consciousness.”

The core purpose behind this collection is the portrayal of healing within grief, untangling the emotions explored throughout loss, and the connections strengthened within grief. Adding a beauty to the strong reality in the fragility of life; “turning” the painful “moment in human development,” into “the origins of glorious galaxies” and cherished stories within our clothes.

“Healing” is a collection of casual chique wear garments with a story. Using its prints and colours to tell the stories; and its fabrics to represent the feelings within the stories. For instance, the two feelings of comfort from consoling, or safety from a protective state, both transferred into the designs through the fabric. The consoling shown through soft fabrics such as jersey and cotton and the protective state displayed through the stiff fused fabric shown in the skirt and corset.