Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

Rey clothing was established in 2020 by Rasny Magalhaes. Inspired by his own lifestyle in university and as a working international student, “I have seen many things and situations throughout my life,” says Rasny, and he continues, “I have made different connections with several people.” Life has taught him a lot, and one thing Rasny always wanted to do is impact the world and influence the people around him in a positive way. Respecting and empowering the people around him.  

REY as a brand want to create a place where people can be themselves and associate their lifestyle with the images portrayed on the platform. Many people nowadays are confronted with inequality and images that do not reflect reality. Each individual is accepted, and each individual has the potential to be respected and empowered. When deciding the sizes, REY keeps people with different size ranges in mind. In poorer countries, low wages and poor working conditions have kept clothing costs low. Rey has found an amazing partnership who is altering the way the fashion business looks at the lives of those who make the garments! ‘Our partner pay fair wages and adopt sustainable business methods’’. 

Dina Mateus:  
"To begin, I would like to thank you for visiting my Final Project. On this particular undertaking, it was my responsibility to rebrand an existing company known as Rey Clothing. I offered a new social media strategy for Rey Clothing, which entails a new visual identity in addition to updated photography and directing the video Campaign. I worked as a creative director."

Rasny Magalhaes:  
"For this project I was in charge of building a website for all produced video I make; the web site is called Rey studios. Now it might come a across a bit confusing, but Rey Clothing and Rey Studios are both Established by me. But Reystudios is an independent film production company and Rey Clothing is a clothing brand. The videos made for Rey clothing are produced by Rey studios."