Daniela Silva

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

Hey! I’m Daniela, and I recently finished the Cambridge School of Art’s  “Digital Media Production” course.  

My work mainly focuses on immersive storytelling and its collusion with mental health, identity and how it can affect people’s everyday lives.

I’m personally inspired by the work of the band BTS as well as the fine-artist Henn Kim and other artists such as Dana Terrace, Luke Pearson and Daron Nefcy.

My career aspiration revolves around content creation, but most specifically, meaningful content creation. I hope to be able to produce stories that mean something and that will hopefully inspire those who see it.

My key achievements focus on my exploration of imposter syndrome through a short animation film I produced, called “The Simple Essence of Being”.  Moreover, my research project on the field of sexuality and identity on social media, is also something I am proud of.

Recently, my work has revolved around transmedia storytelling. I was mostly inspired by content creator Wilbur Soot, and have focused my major project on the production of an ARG whose story revolves around the Multiverse, as well as the ethic implications of doing what someone thinks is right for the universe, but not so right for the personal people who live in the planet.