Rachel Goodchild

Criminology - BA (Hons)

I am an enthusiastic graduate of BA (Hons) Criminology, which I studied at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. At the time of writing, I am expecting to achieve a 1st class degree. I also have work experience. Before my degree I worked full time at Sainsburys in the food services department and I continued this role part time during my studies. In 2021 I also worked for the NHS; this was an administrative role in the delivery of the coronavirus vaccine. Through these experiences I have gained many skills and I have grown into a highly organised and conscientious individual. In the future I would like to take my skills into a criminological career. I am aware there is much more to learn, and I am keen to do this.

As part of my final year, I completed primary research for my dissertation. The dissertation aimed to evaluate the publics ability to recognise myths and victim-blaming within sexual violence campaigns. Reading literature on rape myth acceptance and sexual violence campaigning revealed widespread agreement of rape myths and sexual violence campaigns utilising myths and victim blaming. In the evaluation of data from an online questionnaire that I created and disseminated I found that some participants were able to identify a helpful or unhelpful sexual violence campaign and the myths and victim-blaming within them. However, this was not the case for all participants, some endorsed myths and agreed that campaigns utilising myths and victim-blaming were helpful for prevention of sexual violence. Beyond my academic studies I am keen to take on a job that reflects my area of interest and the issues I explored in my dissertation.