Teshawn Biggs

Audio and Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

Te’shawn “Tae Hawfa” Biggs.

Born and Raised in Newport News, Virginia.

I found out early that I had a gift with music at just the age of 8 when I picked up my first pair of drum sticks. At the age of 14 I found out I had natural talent for free styling and started recording songs at my high school friend's house. In 2013 I moved to the UK and I've been pursuing my music dream ever since.

This particular project is my latest album, which I released 21st April 2022. This album was special to me because I’m telling a lot of stories about my upbringing all the way to today. It’s titled “BADNEWZ” because that’s what we call my city back home, because it is what some would say is the ghetto and riddled with crime and gang activity. This album is filled with grimey yet witty wordplay and catchy yet real hooks. There are some elements of melodics but I wanted to keep it as street and more lyrical-based as possible.