Jasmine Cawthorne

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am a portrait, still life and fine art photographer, based in Suffolk, UK. My work explores a variety of themes from feminism, gender politics and surrealist depictions of the self. My most recent project studies the aftermath of sexual assault and the impact on mental health.

I work in a variety of media including 120mm, 35mm and digital photography, photomontage and scanography. Experimenting with unorthodox techniques and photographic technology is an important aspect of my work, often resulting in distinctive and visually pleasing outcomes. From retro video cameras to high-end DSLRs, I relish the opportunity to explore unique methods of capturing images.

My main influences are practitioners such as Rebecca Storm, Ira Cohen and Cindy Sherman as they each explore unconventional approaches that traditional photography does not embrace. They each uniquely challenge the conventions of narrative and composition that sometimes confuse, disgust or even arouse the viewer.

My vocation lies in being creative. I also have experience in printmaking, illustration, and graphic design, which contribute to my growing portfolio. I have a critical eye for detail and always aim to produce work of the highest standard.

Convalescence, the period or process in which a person takes time to heal from an illness or recovers from the aftermath of emotional trauma. I felt no other word more perfectly described the subject matter of my project. Created in my final year of the BA (Hons) Photography, the series comprises of six self-portrait photo scans and collages that were created through the use of physical manipulation and post-production resulting in surreal visualisations of my sexual assault.