Katy Drake

MA Printmaking

My practice researches the silence around sexism, sexual harassment and assault occurring in public.

My research utilises a feminist methodology, so employs collaboration and participation, constructs knowledge from experience, promotes social change and regards audience accessibility as integral to its success.

I use print because of its associations with activism and protest, printmaking’s own subjugation, and because its characteristics accord with the nature of my research.

My most recent project, Speak Up, utilised a survey to collect anonymous accounts from participants that were subject to sexual misdemeanours in public, where they felt unable to speak up at the time.

I culture jammed English Heritage blue plaques to create plaques for incidents reported in the survey which I installed at the incident’s location. Prints were later produced from photographs of these plaques in situ.

I also produced a risographed zine which by the placement, colour, and size of text from survey accounts on its pages explored why we don’t speak up about these incidents. Some pages of the zine were also expanded into larger screenprints.

By raising awareness of these issues, I hope to open dialogue and explore ways to create more sustainable communities and gender equality.

Please note that some viewers may find the work triggering.