Tomasz Surgiel

MA Fine Art

Tomasz Surgiel was born on May 5, 1994 in Poland. He works in painting, sculpture and installation. He graduated Fine Art in 2019 from De Montfort University. In 2019 he started his Master’s degree at Anglia Ruskin University. His works have previously been exhibited at the gallery at De Montfort University (2019); Oakland College and St. Albans Cathedral (both in 2016). A reproduction of his work was published in The Hearts Advertiser on April 28, 2016. He is currently working on a group exhibition of graduate MA work to be shown at APT Gallery, London in April or when restrictions allow.

The theme of his current work is life after death and the path we must cover to get there. The author was influenced by the prevailing pandemic and its effects. This work shows a fascination with the Arte Povera movement. Particular attention is paid to the symbolism, the arrangement of colors, and the use of a variety of materials such as: fabrics, paper, carton, threads and wood. Thanks to the combination of symbols, colors and details, the author forces the viewer to reflect on this work for a longer time. It also allows for its own interpretation.

This work is addressed to recipients seeking a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of death. The contents contained therein help to look at this problem from a different angle. It allows you to get used to and accept existence of death.