Katy Bailey

MA Fine Art

Katy Bailey's work is a diary in paint. She follows her passions about nature and sustainability to try to find new ways of communicating these with the viewer.

The underlying theme and subject matter revolve around nature, specifically woodlands. Nature has all the answers we need and can energise and free us from the onuses of life. When looking at trees and landscapes, we can concentrate on the self - that which is the soul of being. Through investigating nature, we can reflect on our role and purpose and gain perspective.

Weaving an elaborate dialogue with nature, she temporarily becomes one more element in the fabric of the woodlands and landscapes she paints.

With the use of walking, breathing, printing, observation and drawing in situ and in the studio, she explores new ways of relating to forests and woodlands.

This allows a poetic intergenerational voice to emerge in the dialogue between artist and the trees and paths she walks through.

While she favours the medium of Unison pastels and charcoal, both for lightness and energy, she also uses a variety of materials and processes in response to each of her projects uniqueness.

During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work and experimentation. It's an endless journey of discovery.