Anna Dermitzaki

MA Fine Art

I am a multimedia installation artist, originally born in South Africa to Greek parents and now based in Cambridge. Growing up as a third culture kid (a.k.a. being brought up in a country that you are not originally from), fated me to constantly adapt to my environments and to question how we can experience two opposing concepts at once. This direct personal response is suggested throughout my practice in which I explore themes of fluidity between outer and inner spaces, the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Particularly over the past few years, living in Cambridge, I have been heavily inspired by the rural and urban environments here, with a key interest in the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. This has been exemplified in my practice by reconstructing the calming effect nature has on our wellbeing in mediated settings – such as my studio.

The aesthetic focus throughout my practice merges overlooked beauty in everyday life with nature into colourful and playful sanctuary dreamscapes. I use this point to allow an experimental dialogue to spark between what is physically there and what is not.