Lauren Emmons

MA Children's Book Illustration

Lauren Emmons is a Minnesota-based author-illustrator. She has just completed her Masters degree in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University. In the 2020 World Illustration awards she was named the New Talent Winner of the site specific category, as well as being shortlisted for the children’s publishing category. 

Before entering the wild and wonderful world of illustration, Lauren worked at a variety of museums and galleries, having completed her BA in Art History and Museum Studies. This experience is what fueled her interest in narrative illustration, color, and historical patterns. In her work, she endeavors to create colorful and whimsical worlds that welcome you in and tell a story. A lover of nature and animals, much of her work is inspired by forests and the animals who inhabit them. Her illustrations have a strong emphasis on character, and create a fully formed world for those characters to inhabit.