Vanessa Pessato

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

The Project OUR CASA is about me.

I am an Italian girl who has decided to continue her studies in Cambridge, so since I often feel homesick, I wanted to create a community and a space for those like me who feel this nostalgia or for whom want to discover the Italian culture. In my project, space does not exactly recall the traditional Italian design but has elements revisited in a modern key. What you can find true Italian are activities, important pillars of Italian life and culture like having a coffee or an aperitif in large groups to socialise and feel part of a family. This does not detract from other cultures that are welcome to immerse themselves in these activities and discover more about our lifestyle.

OUR CASA wants to communicate that space even if located thousands of kilometres from its site can make us feel so close and at home. Each community needs its environment.

The project is characterised by a modern design with its own identity. Creating narrative environments that arouse emotions is my aspiration, from a small scale for the single individual to a large space for a community.