Neli Dimitrova

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

I am a passionate graduate interior designer with a desire to create amazing and practical places that will contribute to society and have a positive impact on the world. My designs are always connected to nature, organic shapes, biophilia, and unique design ideas and solutions. Nature is at the very heart of my work approach at all times. This can be best seen in the Major Project of my undergraduate studies. With this one, as well as with my previous designs, I wanted to communicate my passion for design and desire to create places that will be different and will make people feel well, comfortable, and willing to spend time in.

For my final project, I had to renovate a commercial area in Cambridge at Norfolk Street, to best suit the surroundings and the building itself. What I decided to do is to create a wellness centre that will enrich the area and bring people over. The Power of The Mind is an inspirational/motivational talking wellness centre where various successful speech givers will be coming to present their knowledge and ideas to the audience, to get people inspired to become the ones they were always meant to be and the best versions of themselves.

My main drive to create this space was that living in the age of technology and social media, and having the ability to connect easily to one another, does not necessarily mean that people are happy or fulfilled in their lives. Paradoxically, people seem to be more disconnected from other human beings and nature than ever before. We tend to stay indoors more than outdoors. Hiding behind the screens, people often pretend to have perfect life by trying to check all the boxes from the social understanding for a successful life, when in fact, one often does not know what he or she really wants from life, what their life’s purpose and mission is, what their strengths and talents are, and how truly meaningful and positive life can be achieved. Being true to oneself and doing what you really want in life and what ignites your internal spark, means being honest and of service to others too, and most importantly, leave something behind and contribute to the world.

So, with my design, I would like to create a space where people of all ages can go and get inspired, hear someone who is motivating them, and reminding them that they already possess everything they need within themselves. Every human on this planet is capable of so much should he/she really believe in oneself. We possess an enormous power for creating/shaping our reality by using our own minds. With this unique tool, we can materialise everything that we long for and achieve our dreams and desires.

The centre will combine inspirational/motivational talking areas with some alternative practices contributing to a person’s wellbeing, such as reiki and crystals healing area, Mindfulness area, and Organic Cafe / Library, where people can learn about mindful organic eating and how food makes us who we are and can affect our overall wellbeing, mood, health, and stamina.

The underlying inspiration for the renovation and overall design was the usage of sacred geometry and biophilia as a way of creating a harmonious and balanced, yet inspiring and one-of-a-kind space, that motivates people to feel more connected with each other and nature, and most importantly, to themselves and their inner knowledge, power and wisdom.

About me

I am very creative and always have many ideas, with a flexible approach to tasks and an innovative mindset, keen attention to detail, and a potential to learn and adapt quickly. Not only design, but also art, and technical skills, customer service, and business expertise are part of my skills set. I also have a flair for lighting design and have designed some bespoke lighting not only for my Major project but also in the past. People from the branch that have inspired me from the beginning of my studies are Zaha Hadid, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Martin Brudnizki, David Rockwell, etc. In general, I love a design that is linked to nature and is inspiring people to connect with it.

I am currently graduating from my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge School of Art), as well as having undertaken an online interior design course at The Interior Design Institute (with additional advanced modules), that have further given me an industry knowledge and expertise. During the time of my studies, I have gained skills and experience in sketching, drawing, designing, project management and implementation, technical work, visualisation, customer liaison, problem-solving, deadline meeting, team working, etc., and I am now eager to apply these skills in real design projects. Therefore, I am seeking an interior design internship which will help me to further develop my skills and knowledge in the industry and start developing my professional career in the desired field. I would like to become a successful interior designer and lighting designer that will leave an enormous legacy both to these fields as well as to humanity.