Tabitha Wall

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Hello, I’m Tabitha and I am an illustrator passionate about sparking awareness through my work, which covers a broad range of sustainable and environmental themes.

I’m really excited about re-connecting people to their environments in an accessible way and often base my projects on new themes being discussed in the world of conservation, for example through my project 'Rewilding'. I love using texture, colour and expressive marks, often incorporating them into my work through collage.

I enjoy adapting my process according to the topic in hand, for example in my speculative poster series for Stop Ecocide, where I used a 3D approach to bring the message to the viewer in an exciting and memorable way. This project was also exhibited as part of the Sustainability Art Prize and won the ‘Animal Compassion’ prize.

Over the summer I worked with the Global Sustainability Institute on their annual magazine, producing images to accompany their articles and stories. I really enjoyed collaborating in a team and in the future I would love to work in a team producing work and supporting campaigns for charities and NGOs.

The Sustainability Posters series 'What story will you tell your children" has been longlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards 2021.