Olivia Daw

Illustration - BA (Hons)

My name is Olivia Daw and I’m a British artist graduating from Illustration (BA). Whatever project I’m working on, accurate and purposeful drawing is always my starting point.

I work with a mixture of analogue and digital media, and can just as likely be found painting in Photoshop as sketching traditionally with charcoal. Because of my background in game development and classical art, it is the combining of the old and new, the historical and contemporary, that continues to be the catalyst of my work. I am inspired by the American illustrators, classical drawing and contemporary fine artists, and try to bring a ‘painterly’ aspect to my illustrations.

Storytelling is a central theme throughout my illustrations. Indeed, when I’m composing a piece, I feel as though I’m a film director looking through the camera lens; adapting a narrative visually with light, movement and composition to impact the viewer.

Illustrating the narrative, editorial, conceptual or historical are all my dream jobs. I love to depict people and different cultures and I’m greatly inspired by stories from British history and world history. This said,  I also draw and paint non-sequential work, such as figures, animals and landscapes, as growing up in the countryside has given me a great appreciation for nature and conservation.