Kelly Billington

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am a British artist that draws for fun, reads books and has a keen interest in science and a curiosity for how things work.

Design, composition, shape and colour are the key components of my work. I enjoy producing lyrical imagery accompanied by text, usually in the form of a photomontage or collage. I tend to view my work from the perspective of an art director, creating interesting compositions and using colour to influence the audences’ emotions. My work is currently exhibited online for the sustainability art prize 2020 and I have work experience as a design intern for Wells and Co.

I work well in both an analogue and digital format, using Procreate or Adobe CC to create the final image design. Due to my curiosity, I enjoy to research new topics that are provided in briefs and viewing what I have found from a multitude of angles to see how I can create an impact using minimal imagery. I usually generate my ideas when I am researching as I empathise with the audience and think about what they would like to see.

My top 3 creative influences are Viet Huynh, Michelle Thompson and Klawe Rzeczy. I visit their websites each time I am provided a new brief to see whether I can draw some inspiration from them.