Jessica Henry

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am an illustrator from Norwich, focusing on environmental art as well as pattern design. I combine hand drawn and digital elements together to create different designs, using procreate and photoshop to help create texture and shape. I love to experiment with new media, allowing me to be expressive with colour and learn new possible techniques of working. Throughout my work I want to be able to communicate the texture and emotion of that piece as well as letting the viewer create their own interpretation of what they are seeing.

I relish in creating formative projects such as the Deep-Sea Life Posters and Insects book images that you can see below however, I also enjoy creating atmospheric images and various pattern designs. I find inspiration in the world around me, taking my small sketchbook with me everywhere I go as even the littlest object can create a new idea. I appreciate working on a variety of briefs, from fast paced work to longer detailed projects.

I am also fascinated by adapting my animations and creating my own story narratives throughout my lino prints which can be viewed on my Instagram or website.