James Welton

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am from Suffolk UK, and I am an illustration student that creates work that blends the two dimensional and three dimensional, as well as the physical and digital. I create work on a varied range of themes but primarily focus on mental health and climate. I like combining unexpected things and using found objects like the globe and toy cows in my piece about animal agriculture and its impact on global emissions. Model making is a large part of my work, but I don’t make models that can stand alone as an artwork in themselves, instead focusing on making the best photographs I can with model-making as an aspect of creating the photos.

I have used the final semester at Cambridge School of Art to create work in a wider and more experimental range of materials, including polymer clay, painted paper and card, toys, and yarn. I’d like to see my work become more conceptual in future, and I hope that my most recent piece about the impact of craft on mental health is a sign that my work is moving in that direction.