Ana Anahory

Illustration - BA (Hons)

My name is Ana Anahory and I'm an illustrator, recently graduated from Cambridge School of Art. I'm Portuguese and currently based in Cambridge UK.

Narrative and character creation are my passion, and I draw inspiration from human behaviour and psychology. Creating a personality and story for each person, animal or anthropomorphic creature is an exercise in imagination I enjoy immensely.

What I do is heavily influenced by theatre, puppetry and performance; my dad used to work as an art director for a theatre company, so I grew up in that artistic environment. That world has left an indelible mark and has inspired me to use light and body expression to compose a good portion of my work.

I experiment with varied materials and visual languages, while favouring mixed media - especially combining traditional with digital. Ink has been one of my recent explorations and it allows me freedom and fluidity. On the other hand, I’m very much in my element when model making and sculpting.

My path towards visual arts was not a linear one, and I have navigated academically through chemistry, biology, genetics and maths - and musical education ran parallel with this. As an outcome, I believe strongly in soaking up knowledge from all walks of life to transfer into my illustrations.