Amée Norman

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Hello, I am Amée, a 2021 graduating Illustrator from Cambridge School of Art. The colours and markings that appear on both animals and plants in nature blow my mind, these frequently influence my artwork. I am lucky enough to have always lived in the English countryside and my love for wildlife and outdoor space are of great inspiration to me and I am keen to protect these beautiful spaces and the creatures that live within them.

For me, immersing myself in research is an exciting stage of a project. I hope my future career will involve working for causes where I can educate myself as well as others on topics of sustainability and wellbeing.

I have a passion for tiny details and meticulous precision, throughout my degree I have been exploring media, experimenting with many to find out which ones I can use best to achieve such elements in my artwork. Coloured pencil is one I use often but more recently I have been stitching my illustrations. Embroidery satisfies my enjoyment of both detail and a physical process. My illustrations regularly feature graphic shapes and refined colour palettes.