Abi Simmons

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am an illustrator/ printmaker from Brighton. I am very interested in colour and subtlety and through my degree I have really enjoyed being in the print room and have gained knowledge in screen-printing, embossing, mono printing, etching, relief printing and dry point. Screen printing posters to advertise a festival is where I started. This was also where I discovered a love for using single colour combinations. I have discovered the relationship between colour, emotion and text. I would love to communicate a sense of harmony in the fluidity of the colours coming together. I have also become incredibly seduced by the tactile nature of embossing, which is so indisputably subtle, gentle and gorgeous in it’s nature. Recently I have explored dry point etching inspired by Charlie Mackesy, E.H. Shephard and Beatrix Potter. In my work with the Global Sustainability Institute I gained knowledge in relief print and explored new ways of mark making, while also pushing myself to think more about how my work could have wider influence in areas around sustainability.

I would like to work in collaboration with creative teams in schools, charities, publishing. I consider my key achievements to have been learning from the print technicians and being a part of the creative community. For example, learning and supporting each other in creating new works, bouncing off each other and listening to other people to help me improve my work and form my own opinions.