Theodora Anagnostou

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

In my work, I explore emotions and experiment with ways of evoking a response in my audience.

I aim to communicate not only pleasant feelings but also those often seen as negative. By doing so, I hope to spread awareness about being in touch with one's feelings, and the importance of knowing how to regulate them rather than suppress them.
So far I've barely touched on the surface of the subject, but in the future, I plan to look deeper into trauma, psychological conditions, and further disorders.

Visually I like to focus on the fluidity of movement and my medium of choice until now, is hand-drawn animation.

Some of the biggest influences in my work have been Glen Keane's art style, as well as studio Pixar's and Ghibli's storytelling.

During my studies, I gained lots of confidence in myself and my art, and thanks to collaborations with peers and guidance from my teachers, I became more open to receiving constructive criticism, something I now value and seek in order to keep growing.

I hope in the future to land a role in the film-making industry, besides creating my own projects.