Sam Manning

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m a 2D animator and animator with a passion for bringing awareness to important current issues through creative means. My inspirations come from the occult, symbolism and emotion, and manga artists Junji Ito and Koogi who I grew up consuming the works of. More often than not, my work includes a dark or twisted theme; Sometimes this is a subtle nod that can be overlooked while in others it is the main focal point.

My graduation film, Delirium, takes the theme of female objectification literally as the main and only character is an android created for sex work. The film, mainly created to be greyscale, follows her creation and the exploration of her abilities while occasionally switching to an alternate reality. A place where colours are overwhelmingly bright and the android is a human girl, but still being ‘built’ as if she were still an android. 

In the future, I aim to push my skills in animation to use more complex angles to match the extreme themes that I choose to work with so I can create more of an impact with my work. I would also like to explore environment building to become a concept artist in the future.