George Phillott

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

For my project, I design a user interface application for the nightlife entertainment industry.

Club Match is a mobile phone application that is for the nightlife entertainment industry, its main aim is to make promotion and bookings easy, for local and commercial nightlife venues, bars, nightclubs, and music venues. Another aim for the application is to stop the littering of promotional flyers and stop paper waste, the application appeals to many people of different ages, from students in a new town or city, friend groups planning to adventure to a different town or city, for a nice venue they can visit for the evening.

My inspiration to design this application came from two different sources, I was reading about local councils complaining about the littering of promotional flyers found in the streets. And my second inspiration came from my experience of working in the nightlife industry. I noticed there was a problem in both of my inspirations, so I set myself a task to see if I can solve the problem.

Commercial UI/UX and publication design, are the main sectors of graphic design I am very much interested in. For me, I see these two design industries as problem solvers, solving a puzzle for their clients and their consumers, problem-solving is what I thrive in and is what I enjoy doing