George Hunt

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

To put it plainly, I would never have thought that typography and furniture would ever be able to go hand-in-hand, especially not the process behind building them. My Final Major Project proved to me otherwise. Believe it or not, ASR, or Abstract Selective Reduction, was a process created purely by my curiosity, and works as a complicated "dot-to-dot" of different points on a shape (at the start, this shape would have been a letterform).

The best part about my project is that it feels very personal to me, and came about with very little research carried out on any similar experiments - a bad habit turned good for the birth of ASR.

The aim of the project isn’t to stick solely to furniture, or the ASR Desk. Instead, I’d like ASR to be recognised as a design process, which allows for unique shapes and geometrics to be formed. I’d like people to eventually know how to use ASR, and test it across a multitude of platforms that I wouldn’t have imagined collaborating with - furniture itself was enough of a surprise.
Seeing my work across a range of platforms, and seeing other curious designers maximising its potential would be a great achievement to see.