Ella Rowland

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

I am Ella Rowland Studying Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin Cambridge School of Art.

My love for nature and the environment has had a lasting impact on both myself and the work I have produced. I am a Graphic Designer interested in a broad spectrum of different work and briefs, using a variety of media platforms. For my final major project, I decided to set my outputs based on areas of the industry I would want my portfolio to target. With an interest in branding, advertising, and Editorial Design. I decided to create a handmade homeware and jewelry business that is focused on being eco-friendly and inspired by nature.

Many brands market themselves as eco-friendly but are no better than the average company. For my major project, my goal was to create a brand that truly stands by being green, only uses sustainable packaging and natural products. All photography, branding, product design, website design, and packaging design was created by me from scratch, Although challenging this project has been very rewarding. The outcome of ‘creating a business in 12 weeks’ during the pandemic has leed to 2k plus following on Instagram and 398 sales.