Mollie McLellan

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

At the heart of my practice is an exploration of the function, processes and cultural frameworks surrounding relationships between fine art and craft. The viewer is presented with items which displace, rather than meet, expectations of either category; a painting on canvas is transformed into a cushion, a hand-made rug is filled with wire and cannot be stepped on.

Using a multi-media approach, techniques of painting, textiles and printmaking are employed, often curating the objects that are made into uncanny installations. These installations defy a spatial identity, often challenging the definition of either a domestic setting or the 'white cube' gallery space. Alongside, an exploration of the relationship between the art and craft object, and the spaces that contain them, self-portraiture has remained a recurring motif in my practice. 

Issues of identity in relation to the personal or professional self, and the self who is both included and excluded from either world, emerge as areas to further explore.