Ella Luben

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My practice concerns the social construction of space as tectonic architectural forms. Often working in series, I maintain the same format, through built up layers creating large scale paintings on canvas. They move between minimalistic and more descriptive language, with depth and flatness appearing in different forms. The paintings’ various stages of production exist in different spaces, digital and physical, and evolve through drawn and digital plans and studies.

Guided by intuition, I utilise fragments of geometric shapes and structures within my immediate urban surroundings. The culmination of these processes and how the material, textural and spatial parameters translate and operate within a painting become important. The language and process of painting investigated within my most recent works include: the type, viscosity, absorbency, and density of paint and how it works with or against the surface of the canvas. Its properties alter depending on the quality and type of ground or exposure of the raw canvas, which dictates the construction of the space.