Cindy Warburg

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

The way to look at my Major Project is that I have one main theme: ‘Isolated Nature'. This is inspired by working in a restricted environment during the time of the pandemic. The rest of the world is suffering from all of the tribulations that correspond to this, so I wanted to create a utopia where we can perceive this time in another way. This leads to four different projects that expand to a collection of series within. The four projects are: ‘Garden of Eden', ‘Second Heaven', ‘Time Bound' and ‘Spiritual Experiences'. These then hold one to two series of works within them.

Second Heaven’ is the starting point of this project (but this is not a set order for the projects). It begins with building this sculpture to exhibit future pieces, but towards the end it ends up with being a piece that reflects the frustration of completing it. This is because this piece was one of the longest ones to complete because of the physical labour, but also because of mental drainage and having to leave it to the side for a couple months at a time.

‘Second Heaven’ also includes videography and was one of my favourite series of the whole project: ‘The Fall’. It brings to life how Genesis chapter three happened, helping to visualise the events that took place.