Carys Nye

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My work explores the representation of the self in the internet age. In particular looking at the relationship between truth and appearance, reality and fantasy. Responding to the human experience of living in an image saturated world and exploring the transformative nature of photo- editing apps. My practice includes the use of painting, printing, installation and collage. Through these processes I aim to question what distinguishes the real from the unreal. Whilst also touching on themes of impermanency and permanency of the image online. By combining installation and painting I aim to challenge the traditional portrayal of portraiture painting.

The Masks I Wear is a series of multi-media paintings exploring the perception of beauty in the internet age. In 21st Century media culture, there is an infatuation with images and a pressure to look like ‘yourself’, changing the aesthetic, lighting or using eye pleasing filters to achieve selfperceived perfection. I have combined mechanically-made modern fabric with the traditional style of oil painting. The model in these paintings is the same woman. She wears different makeup and changes her hair, adjusting her appearance. Hanging as a veil, the fabric acts as a ‘filter’, intrinsically connecting the two layers. The reflective quality of the fabric obscures and manipulates the appearance of the model, as one moves around the painting.