Angelica Rastgu

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My digital practice is a mixture of video, installation and performance. Creating visual content, the message is also transmitted verbally, without too much space for interpretation. Added to this are the speech and sound that ties the piece together: a monologue and the sound of water. The choice of video is a reflection on the future of art via online and digital platforms, as well as a response to my current working situation. In my art, the main feeling transmitted is agitation, restlessness with focus on introspection and a reflection on the negative feelings impacting our behavior and creative process.

My work has a psychological influence, the concept analyzed is the duality in our personality: the way we change based on different social circumstances, whether by choice or through convention. I explore this concept by confronting the two major parts of my artistic practice: spontaneity and free movement, versus reflection and research. Despite the anxiety evident within my work, the goal is for people to feel they are not alone. The feeling of belonging is one of the steps to healing.