Melbin Babu

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

I am a filmmaker who have written short screenplays, directed short films, done cinematography, sound recording, and editing. This broad range of interest in film making stems from my desire to learn how to tell a story to its maximum effect.

Being a British-Indian have helped me to see the multiple forms cinema presents itself in various cultures. This has influenced me to go beyond the borders of language and culture to experience world cinema and to learn about the techniques and principles that shaped cinema over the years.

I am interested in telling stories that shows the complexities of human beings. Conflicts that arise from the duality of human nature and the conflicts that comes from people with different perspectives and experiences facing each other.

My notable experience includes working as the co-head of video production for Watersprite Film Festival 20/21, Cambridge, where I worked with the other departments to produce video contents such as factual films, infomercials, and promotional videos for the film festival. My other significant achievement is having a student short film I written and directed getting screened in St. Andrews Film Festival in Scotland.