Nicholas Payne

Film and Media Studies - BA (Hons)

I am an aspiring film maker, keen on directing and cinematography/camera operating, as well as storytelling or helping tell others' stories.

The key themes of my work are entertainment and enjoyability. Most (if not all) of the projects I have created (visual and audio) and have been made in the mind to tell enjoyable stories in enjoyable ways. I would like to communicate enjoyment from my projects, as well as any other themes they might deal with (e.g anti-drugs message, anti-terrorism, railway safety and critique of Police actions). I don’t have a specific artistic influence, but I have been influenced creatively by other creators giving me some inspiration for some work. Some projects are also inspired by real world events.

I have been involved with other people’s projects, mainly fellow College or University projects like Christmas Bonding by Ollie Pajak and the Charming series by Tom Elgie. I have also acted as a production assistant to the Broxbourne Theatre Company’s productions of Annie in May 2019 and Puss In Boots in January 2020. My aspirations are to develop as a film maker and enter the world of film making, or to do film projects on the side. Key achievements during my studies have been to show off my directing and filming skills when making my projects, which I hope others will enjoy.