Pati Chojnacka

Fashion Design - BA (Hons)

My name is Pati Chojnacka welcome to my graduation project.

Nobody could imagine 2020 would turn our world upside down. With so many restrictions around us, I am setting the clock back to the era, when emotions couldn’t be manifested and their only outlet was through the art of abstract expressionism. In my haunt for Jackson Pollock art, I’ve discovered Corinne Michael West - a female abstractionist, who like many female artists wasn’t able to sell and exhibit under a female name cause of the her era. Similarly, wearing a mask has become a silenced symbol of mass control and a tool to deprive you from your identity. There is no other era of true expressionism than the age of silent movies. When the body language, clothing and make-up were the only mean of communication.  Charlie Chaplin cinematic costumes, navigated me to search for contemporary designers such as German Dries van Noten amazing prints. The Peacemaker seeks peace with oneself after the geopolitical upheaval. It is trying to answer the needs of human dignity, right of choice, a right to contradict and oppose. As an artist I am driven mainly by my gut feeling and my soul than I research the history of how they dealt with similar obstacles. Next I research the consequences and impact. I want my clothes to be a voice.