Gabrielle Hardwick

Fashion Design - BA (Hons)

I am very much focused on slow fashion and environmental awareness, approaching projects with reusing fabrics in mind as well as giving small reminders of issues in some projects, mainly to do with nature.

My approach to clothes is that they are very personal, and that they show the choices made - how they show your outlook to life - and I want to encourage that. With this in mind my influences are quite simple: the natural world around, the emotions evoked by these visuals, and interactions with the world. Most of my designs promote positivity and joy to the wearer.

Although I have a general influence of nature, the defining features and colours change. Though all the designs have a wearability to them with some being more fun than others, all have an aspect of simplicity as well as fun aspects and selective bright colours, to give hints of life.

I have achieved a diversity in ranges of garments and styles produced, as my approach changes to fit the emotions that want to be expressed.

My goal is to have my own brand, so that customers may fill their wardrobes with love, with pieces that have come to mean something special to them.