Beth Astins

Drama - BA (Hons)

My name is Beth Astins, and I am graduating from ARU this year with a degree in Drama.

The piece you are viewing is from a module called TV Drama Production. It is a short film adaptation of a section of script from Sarah Kane’s final play 4.48 Psychosis. This was both Zoë and my first time ever creating or acting in film, and the additional challenges and restrictions of Covid-19 meant that we had to shoot very creatively, and entirely on our mobile phones. As this section of script naturally splits into almost two sections, our editing reflects this. There is an uncomfortable dialogue scene between two nameless characters, whose relationship and reality are ambiguous, followed by a poetic montage articulating an inner experience of psychosis, as Kane draws upon her own thoughts and experiences. Whilst we have attempted to approach the script with sensitivity, I would like to impose a trigger warning for psychosis and graphic imagery.  

I am particularly interested in theatre that explores politics, message, and advocacy, or that can be used as a therapeutic tool. I hope to work in projects that break boundaries both creatively and socially, whilst providing a platform for voices to be heard. I personally particularly admire the work of Graeae! I have a passion for psychology, and I have ADHD myself, which has been incredibly useful for creativity and innovation during the pandemic.