Paige Fox

Drama and Film Studies - BA (Hons)

My name is Paige Fox and I’m a third year Drama and Film Studies BA (Hons) student. Since being at university, I have gathered a lot of passion for my subjects, which, as a consequence has fuelled my ambition to pursue a career as a drama teacher. I feel that drama is a crucial subject for children, as it is a way of exploring and communicating your inner emotions.

Not only have the last three years shaped who I am because of the experiences and knowledge I have gathered along the way, but becoming a mother made my university experience very different to others on my course. Moreover, by learning about different playwrights, such as Carol Churchill, Alice Birch and Carly Wijs, my whole performance style has developed drastically. Also, my dissertation looked at the relationship between mental illness and its depiction in theatre. One of my reasons for this, was due in large part to my fascination with the works of Sarah Kane and her chaotic writing style. I developed my own semi-verbatim play, which I later developed into a short film, as I felt I could educate others with my postpartum depression, through a theatrical setting.