Sasha Patchett

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

My name is Sasha Patchett, a 3rd year student studying Digital Media and I wish to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. I set up an Instagram called where I educate and demonstrate the importance of digital marketing. Combining my abundance of knowledge in the Adobe CC suite and my desire to kickstart my career in this industry, I have accumulated over 1,200 followers with my educational content. 

Here you can see my 25th post, 5 weeks after I launched. I've taken the time to address the milestone I had hit. Over 1,000 people had joined my journey to educate people on the importance of digital marketing, how to do it effectively, and successfully. 

Since starting this Instagram I have collaborated with other users on the platform, completed certificates in Google Garage and HubSpot Academy, but my desire to learn doesn’t stop there. After receiving such success on Instagram, I yearned to expand my knowledge to other platforms. I’ve recently earned a place on a 6-month course with the Prince’s Trust programme called ‘Get into Social Media Marketing with Facebook’.

I eagerly anticipate how large I can grow and how far I can reach!