Manon Raja

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

I am an ambitious graduating Digital Media student from the class of 2021 at Anglia Ruskin University. One day, I am going to have my own company that specialises in new technologies such as holograms. I also plan to have a school connected to my business in order to teach a new generation of digital practitioners and change the way creative education is perceived. I want the people to be curious about learning, after all, if we had no creativity, we would all be robots cogging around in a machine.

I have two achievements during my studies. The first was the time that I created my first hologram. This was at the beginning of the pandemic, so I had to build it at home with very limited resources. It was an uphill battle, but very rewarding once completed.

My second achievement was my major project, as I worked on a start-up company created by my mother and uncle called Cambridge Magpie. I had to create their branding, social media, website and work on their marketing during this strange time of a pandemic. This was not easy to complete in 4 months as I had to start from scratch, but it really showed me the amount of effort and sheer determination required to create a business from a few drawings and a vision, I hope to do the same one day.